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Electrical circuit: animation


In relation to electrical circuits, we introduce definitions of

- battery;

- capacitor and capacitance;

- resistor and resistance;

- electrical current.

- and so on.


The battery is a special device, which produces a fixed potential difference (voltage) between two points: contacts of the battery.

The capacitor is a system of two conductors, which are called plates of the capacitor. Here one plate (one conductor) is positively charge, while another plate (another conductor) is negatively charged.

The resistor is a piece of conductor, which usually has the shape of a wire.

Electrical current is a motion of electric charges. It is important to understand the definition of the direction of the current. The direction of the current is defined as the direction of motion of positive charges. Although, in conductors, the real charges, which are moving, are electrons - negatively charged particles - the direction of current is opposite to the direction of motion of electrons.



Below you can find animations of different concepts related to electrical circuit.






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